Transporter, Remembered: Our Ultimate Recap of 1, 2 & 3

Transporter, Remembered: Our Ultimate Recap of 1, 2 & 3

With an all-new fourth instalment in the Transporter movie franchise arriving in cinemas very soon, it’s the perfect time to revisit the series so far. If you’re already clued up on part of the series, then simply select the movie you haven’t seen from our table of contents and we’ll direct you straight to it! Pretty nifty, hey?

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Table of contents:

The new ‘Transporter Refuelled’ will feature a different actor in the central role of Frank Martin, with Ed Skrein (Daario Naharis from Season 3 of Game of Thrones) stepping into Jason Statham’s considerable shoes. The face may have changed, but otherwise, you can pretty much guarantee business as usual; fight scenes, ridiculously inventive stunts and plenty of breakneck car chases. In other words, everything you could ever want from a Transporter movie. As one wise film critic once said: “It’s junk with a capital J. The sooner you realize that, the more quickly you can settle down to enjoying it.”


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The Transporter (Film 1)

(i) Plot analysis

Welcome to the dangerous world of Frank Martin, a transporter for hire who can get anything from point A to point B in lightning quick time. He’s a no-nonsense hero who operates under a strict set of rules and never backs down from a fight. He also possesses a truly inexplicable accent and finds himself shirtless with astounding regularity. In this movie, he gets double-crossed by an employer and after narrowly escaping with his life; he sets out for revenge and gets caught up in a deadly human trafficking ring in the process.

(ii) Main characters

Alongside Frank is the beautiful damsel in distress, Lai.


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It’s her father who is revealed to be the rather unpleasant gangster behind the human trafficking scheme. The other nemesis whom Frank must face is the uniquely named ‘Wall Street’, an immoral criminal who makes the fatal error of trying to take Frank out of the picture. We also meet for the first time Frank’s buddy, Inspector Tarconi, a deceptively intelligent local policeman who becomes increasingly valuable as the series goes on.

(ii) Memorable quotes

Tarconi: “I always say, the way a man treats his car is how he treats himself.”

(iv) Key Scenes

There’s a stunning inner-city car chase to open proceedings, which highlights just how skilled a driver Frank really is. However, the crowning glory is the bone-crunching fight in a garage (a lot of Frank’s fights take place in garages) where an oil-drenched mass of bodies get kicked, punched and kicked some more by our one-man wrecking machine.


>Transporter 2

 (i) Plot analysis

Since the first outing, Frank has taken on a more sedate role as a personal chauffeur to the wealthy family of an American government official. In doing so he grows very attached to their young son and so when the boy is kidnapped by an arch criminal with a dastardly plan involving chemical weapons, Frank is forced to take action.

(ii) Main characters

The couple whose child Frank goes to save are both fairly dull characters, and once again it’s the bonkers bad guys who steal the show. The primary baddie is Gianni, a pathological nutjob who thinks nothing of using a child as a means to spread a virus that will kill thousands. His main henchwoman though, Lola, is even more memorable. Cutting a striking figure as she parades around primarily just in her heels and underwear, it’s also very clear that Lola takes an extremely unhealthy amount of pleasure from killing.


Gianni – Image Source

(iii) Memorable quotes

Jack Billings: “I thought you were a professional driver?”

Frank: “A different kind of driver.”

(iv)  Key Scenes

Much like with the Fast and Furious franchise, the creators of this movie opted to one-up their previous efforts by going all out crazy in the sequel. There’s a brutal shootout in a children’s hospital and even a climactic fight on a crashing jet (yes, a crashing jet). However, the stand-out moment is the long fight scene where an always resourceful Frank sees off insurmountable numbers using a trusty fire hose as his weapon of choice.


>Transporter 3

(i) Plot analysis

This time around, Frank is forced to take a job that sees him transporting the kidnapped daughter (Valentina) of a Ukrainian government official across Europe. The thugs behind the plot are looking to use the girl as leverage to blackmail her father. Naturally, along the way, Frank faces assorted perilous scenarios, only this time the danger is heightened by the fact that he and Valentina are wearing explosive bracelets that will go off if they stray too far from the car.

(ii) Main characters

The feisty party girl Valentina makes quite an impression on Frank, and of all the female characters he’s met, she would appear to be the one he grows closest to. The arch-villain, meanwhile, is the rather simply named Johnson, who is a typical Transporter bad guy, in that he is utterly heartless and consistently underestimates the number of thugs Frank can kick in the head.


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(iii) Memorable quotes

Frank: “Do I look like a man who came half-way across Europe to die on a bridge?”

(iv) Key Scenes

Interestingly, the car stunts in this movie were all performed for real, with only minimal CGI used along the way[i].  Given that at one point a car is driven on two wheels between two moving trucks, it’s a pretty impressive feat.  As is customary, there’s also a barnstorming fight scene in a garage to enjoy, too. The most memorable sequence comes at the climax, however, when Frank lands his car on a moving train and then proceeds to climb back up and move it again to ensure his bracelet stays within range when he finally takes on Johnson.


Transporter 4 (The Transporter Refuelled) is out in cinemas September 4th. We hope this recap has reminded you of all the great reasons why you should head to your local screen, grab a big bucket of popcorn and enjoy all the action that the Transporter series promises. Enjoy!


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[1] : Eric Harrison of the Houston Chronicle





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