Time Passers: 5 Top Car Games For Long Journeys

Time Passers: 5 Top Car Games For Long Journeys

Whether you’re travelling with the kids, commuting to work or just heading off on a road trip for two, traffic and long distances can make driving a bit of a bore – especially if lots of motorways are involved. Enter the invention of the humble car game.

Using little more than your mind and your surroundings, there are endless games to keep yourself and fellow passengers entertained for miles. Here, you’ll find our favourites – enjoy!

I Spy

You can’t argue with an original. I Spy (with my little eye) is the frustrating guessing game that only gets better (depending on whether you’re the guesser or the spy-er) with more obscure sightings. Forget ‘road’, or ‘steering wheel’ – it’s all about ‘indicators’, ‘hard shoulder’ and ‘milometer’.

I Went to the Supermarket…

Arguably the longest game in the world, I Went to the Supermarket… can take many forms. If you’ve got younger kids to entertain, you can just travel through the alphabet and take turns listing an item that begins with that letter. For older players, it becomes the most intense memory game that you can play in a car. Every time a new item is added to the shopping list, preceding items must be recited before you can add a new one. By the time you get to J or K, you’re so frustrated, you forget about being bored. Win win?

The Number Plate Game – Words

There are many, many variations to this game. Whether you go for something more number based or a game oriented around letters of plates zooming past you, there’s a lot of material to play with here. For a wordy game, try making a word out of the letters in the order that they appear on the plate. For example, if a registration plate is APL1 234, you could play the word Apple.

The Number Plate Game – Numbers

For a number game, many like the long-winded frustration of searching out cars with each number from 1 to 999 in order. This will span multiple journeys, but the sense of accomplishment once you get to the end is… half satisfying, half did-I-really-just-waste-hours-of-my life-playing-that-game.

Lyric Mix-Up

Making use of the radio, every song that comes on, you have to rename with a previously agreed upon word. So, say your word is ‘ferret’ and the next song that comes on the radio is ‘Blurred Lines’, you’d shout out ‘Blurred Ferret’. Okay, fine, that might not be the best example in the world – but in the right company, with the right word, hilarity can ensue.


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