I like Driving in my Car! Top 5 Tunes that Put Motors in the Driving Seat

Madness driving in my car

Can you think of some motor-themed melodies? Here’s our list of super catchy rhythms all about cars.


Rose Royce – Car Wash

Every good DJ knows you need a certified floor filler to get the party started, so what better than a bit of D I S C O. Released back in 1976 as the title track for the film of the same name, and written by famed Motown producer Norman Whitfield, it’s got real automotive pedigree. Legend has it the first draft was written on a KFC wrapper, maybe that’s where the funky chicken comes from?


Gary Numan – Cars

Fast forward 3 years, disco is dead and Gary Numan is at the top of the charts with the electro-rock smash Cars. The song is inspired by a run-in with an angry motorist in which Numan managed to close his windows, lock his doors and make a hasty getaway. Could a young Ronnie Pickering have in fact been Gary Numan’s muse?


Value my car


Billy Ocean – Get out of my dreams and into my car

We’re well into the classic era of music videos now as Billy drives his convertible round in a world of cartoon spliced with live camera action. The song’s about as 80s as it comes if you’re into power ballads, synth and saxophones (who isn’t?) you’re in the right place.


Madness – Driving in my car

Sticking with the 80s but switching style to ska, this ditty is an ode to the vehicle that got Madness to gigs in the early years. And just like the good days, the video features a fully suited and booted Madness squeezing into a classic 1959 Morris Minor. If that’s not crazy enough they end up being chased by amongst other things the police, an elephant and a few Formula 1 cars.


Chuck Berry – No particular place to go

Back to the 60s to finish with some classic rock n roll, or jailhouse rock to be specific, given that the record was penned while Chuck was holed up in prison back in the 40s after a run-in with the law. Ironic really as the song perfectly sums up that youthful freedom of owning your first car.




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