How Far Do Brits Go To Save Time?

How Far Do Brits Go To Save Time?

Breaking the speed limit and driving through traffic lights on red are just some of the ways Britons are attempting to save time – according to research we’ve carried out.

We spoke to 2000 people and asked them what things they do to save time and how it affects their lives…and we were surprised by some of the things you lot do to claw back free time!

As we start to lead busier and hectic lives, more and more people are finding ways to try and save time to make their lives less stressful.

Some more of our findings showed that:

  • 58% are constantly rushing around
  • 48% are often short of breath from rushing around
  • 27% fail to make their bed in the morning
  • 1 in 5 admit to speeding to save time
  • A third admit to waking up feeling stressed
  • 56% pay extra for a faster service, e.g. first-class postage, speedy boarding

With such busy lives, it’s no surprise that we have to find ways to save time. We also found that 18% said their family life is suffering because they don’t have enough time for loved ones.

Intrigued to know more about our time-saving findings? Read more from our research about how Brits save time and how busy schedules are affecting our lives.




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