Time Saving Hacks for Drivers

Time Saving Hacks for Drivers

We all lead fairly busy lives these days and so appreciate anything that could save us time.

Follow our tips to help you save time when it comes to driving.

Don’t lose your keys

We’re all guilty of misplacing our car keys on occasions, but it can be quite stressful when you’re in a rush. Save time when you’re leaving the house by keeping all your keys on one key ring, that way you’ll have everything in one place.


Cool down a car quickly

Sometimes it can take ages to cool down a car on a hot day, but here’s a tip to doing it quickly. Roll down one window, then open and close the door on the other side 5-6 times. This will let hot air escape through the door, while cool air enters through the window. And you’re saving money by not wasting fuel blasting air conditioning.

Find your car quickly

We’ve all been there – come out of a shopping centre or supermarket and completely forgotten where we have parked. Here’s a simple time-saving tip: take a photo of where you parked! It’ll make it much easier to remember. Or you could use an app for your phone.

Keep your car rubbish-free

Instead of spending time on your weekends cleaning out all the rubbish from your car, keep it clean as you go along by using a cereal container with a small plastic bag inside as an in-car bin that’s also spill proof.

Speed up fuel filling

If you get a new car you often forget which side the fuel cap is on. Problem solved – look at the fuel gauge to figure out which side to fill your gas. Most cars now have an arrow that will point to the side of the car the fuel tank is on.

De-ice a frozen lock quickly

On cold winter mornings, you might occasionally find that your lock is frustratingly frozen solid! No worries, just use hand sanitizer on your key, the alcohol will melt the ice.

De-ice your windscreen quickly

The absolute bane of every driver’s life in winter is the task of de-icing the windscreen before work every morning. Forget running back and forth with a kettle or attempting to scrape it off, simply make up a spray of 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water to melt the ice.

Stop getting lost 

If you’re not familiar with your surroundings then save time by investing in a sat nav. There’s nothing worse than being late for something important or simply wasting time trying to find your way.

Sell in under an hour!

Anyone who’s used webuyanycar.com to find out how much their car is worth will know that you can retrieve a free online car valuation in under 60 seconds. If you’re looking to sell your car then you could even book an appointment at your local webuyanycar.com branch and sell your car in under an hour!
Do you have anymore tips for saving time when it comes to driving? Tell us in the comments below!




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