Thoughts You Have: In A Taxi

Thoughts You Have: In A Taxi

We’ve all been there. That awkward taxi ride home. Do you talk? Do you sit in silence? There are so many thoughts that run through your head in that short journey…

1. Should I get in the passenger seat?

2. No that’s awkward, I’ll sit alone in the back.

3. I wonder what time he started…

4. Shall I ask what time he’s on until?

5. Why does the fare start at £1.20?

6. It’s going up pretty quickly.

7. This isn’t the route I’d take…

giphy (2)

8. Does he know where he’s going?

9. I’m sure this is a 30mph road.

10. Is he going to stop at this red light?!

giphy (1)

11. Does he know my house is just here on the left?

12. I wish there was a light in the back so I could see what change I’ve got.

13. I’ve only got a £20, he better have some change.

14., No he doesn’t.

15. I’d look rude if I didn’t tell him to keep the change.

giphy (5)

16. Remember to close the door properly.

17. That’s that shut properly.

18. Now I just slammed it.

19. Will he wait until I’m safe inside?

20. Oh no, he’s doing an illegal u-turn instead.


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