15 Things That Happen at a Drive-Thru

15 Things That Happen at a Drive-Thru

They’re supposed to be the quick and convenient way to order fast food, but who knew that drive-thrus could be such a minefield of problems?!

Let’s have a little giggle at some of these things that happen to everyone at a drive-thru!

Being the last person in the queue when it’s busy so the back of your car sticks out into the road and blocks other people.

Trying to decide which lane is moving quickest so you can order faster.

Feeling pressured by drivers behind you so you can’t look at the menu. Are the special burgers on at the moment?

Pulling up to order your food and wondering how they know you’re there. Is there a camera?

Curbing your car as you try and drive around the unnecessarily narrow lanes.

Then the person in front of you doesn’t bother moving up far enough so you’re stuck just a little too far from the window. Awkward.

Pulling up to the window and realising you’ve parked too far away and now have to undo your seatbelt and lean out the window to pay. Amateur.

Feeling like you have to donate that 1p change to the charity box.

Wondering why they even bothered with that other window when they never use it.

And once again, pulling up too far away from the window so you now have to undo your seatbelt to lean out the window to get your food.

Feeling like you’ve just asked the server to give up their first born child when you ask for two BBQ sauce.

But then you’re asked to wait in a parking bay for your meal.

And they take so long to bring your items that you’re pretty sure you’ve been forgotten about or someone else has your food.

Then every time you see someone coming with food, you pray it’s yours. It never is.

And when you get home, you’ve already eaten half your chips.


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