19 Things that Happen on an Airport Transfer

19 Things that Happen on an Airport Transfer

Holiday season is well and truly upon us, with lots of people jetting off to sunnier places in the WBAC office.

The sun, sea and sangria aside, getting to and from your destination can often be pretty stressful! From traffic jams on your way to the airport and lengthy coach journeys without air conditioning, there are some things you can guarantee will happen on every airport transfer.

Home to Airport

It’s the only day you’re guaranteed to sleep through your alarm.

That last minute panic when you think you’ve forgotten your passport, tickets and toothbrush.

Calling the taxi company asking where the taxi is, only to be told, “It’s just coming round the corner now”.

And because they’ve sent a taxi that’s too small, you’re all squashed in the back with suitcases on your knees.

Of course, there’s always a traffic jam on the motorway.

And when you get there, everyone argues about which terminal you’re flying from.

Airport to Hotel

Wandering around a foreign airport searching for your transfer.

You find them, but then you’ve got to wait an hour for other passengers to find them too.

And, obviously, there’s no air conditioning and you can’t open the windows.

You eventually set off and spend the entire journey wondering if the driver forgot to put your suitcases on.

That’s the journey that the tour operator said was 30 minutes when it’s actually 3 hours.

Every time you pull up at a dodgy looking hotel, you’re thankful it’s not yours.

But, of course, your hotel ends up being the last stop.

Hotel to Airport

When check-out is hours before your collection time, so you sit around the pool in your “going home” outfit.

Being picked up 12 hours before your flight is due.

And once again, wondering if the driver put your suitcases on the coach.

Being the first pick-up and spending hours driving around the resort collecting other glum passengers.

Passing other coaches full of excitable holidaymakers who have just arrived.

And being dumped outside an airport without a clue where you’re going, so you just follow the crowds.


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