The Weirdest Things Found in Sheds

Porsche p1

Tonight on channel 4 we’ll be settling down on the sofa to tune into the final episode of Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year. But whilst George and the team are judging spaces from a state-of-the-art photographic studio to an extraordinary potting shed, we couldn’t help but wonder what are the weirdest things people have found in that little brown structure at the bottom of the garden…

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Corn snake

Image via Scottish SPCA 

Not the ideal situation for anyone who suffers with ophidiophobia would be the discovery of Wilma. Back in 2014 the Scottish SPCA discovered a 3 foot corn snake, lovingly nicknamed Wilma, beneath a dismantled shed in the small town of Saltcoats, Scotland. Thought to have been someone’s pet who escaped, it seems Wilma survived on wild mice until her rescuers appeared


John Lambert

Image via Ipswich Star

In keeping with the wildlife theme John Lambert definitely deserves a mention for the weirdest things people have found in their sheds. Back in 1997 John was constructing a fence in his garden when he came across a remarkably large bone. Knowing that it would one day be worth investigating, John put the 16-inch fossil in his shed and left it there for sixteen years. Finally a couple of years ago, John decided to take the bone to be examined at Ipswich museum in which they revealed that it was in fact the fossil of a pliosaur – a prehistoric sea monster which died out over 85 million years ago.

The first ever Porsche

Porsche p1

Image via City Lab

Our ultimate favourite has to be the discovery of the “Egger-Lohner” electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model” or P1 for short which was discovered sitting in a shed in Austria last year. This was the first ever Porsche made and was designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche himself before hitting the streets of Vienna for the first time in 1898. The vehicle could run up to 22 miles per hour and weighed in at nearly 3000 pounds. Porsche debuted this brilliant discovery at the Porsche Museum in Germany last year where they filled in the missing P1’s parts with translucent blue plastic to show how far the motor industry has come.

So there we have it – some of weird and wonderful things people have found in their sheds! Have you ever discovered something unique in your shed? Leave us a comment below.




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