“Drink-drive ban for father who took toy Barbie car for a spin”


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In an attempt to inject a little humour into your day, we’ve compiled a list of the strangest driving news story headlines out there – guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Most of us have fallen victim to an awkward, funny or embarrassing driving situation. We’ve all been there – singing, clapping or hair-whipping at the wheel and suddenly realising that there is, in-fact, at least three other nearby motorists who have uncomfortably observed your best Mariah Carey impression (blokes, I’m talking to you). To ease the pain from your most recent car-cringe moment, take a quick glance at these truly odd and/or entertaining driving stories.

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‘Mechanic Finds Goat in Trunk of Car’

According to Winona Daily News, an auto repairman was having a quiet Friday afternoon when he made the most unusual of discoveries in the boot of a Chevy Malibu. James Prusci, flipped up the trunk and found a goat, painted purple and gold – the colours of the ‘Minnesota Vikings’. The owners of the vehicle had been on their way to the butchers. Thankfully, the heroes at Tires Plus phoned up animal control and they arrived punctually, accompanied by two police cars. Animal control escorted the Chevy owner, goat and vehicle on to the other side of the road and it is unknown what happened next. However, Tired Plus confirmed that the goat was safe and OK soon after the incident.

‘Drink-drive ban for father who took toy Barbie car for a spin’

Daily Mail reported that 40-year old Paul Hutton was arrested for drink-driving after trying to journey to a friend’s house in a pink child’s toy. Mr Hutton was supposedly charged with a driving ban and a 12-month conditional discharge by magistrates. Hutton, a former RAF aeronautical engineer, commented ‘I’m not unhappy with my punishment, just surprised’. Justice served or plain absurdity? Read more here.


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‘Falling Fish Smashes Car Windshield

The Gazette reported in March last year of a falling fish shattering an Ohio driver’s windshield. According to news sources around the area, the fish – a Lake Erie freshwater drum, smashed the car windshield when an eagle dropped its catch from a height of approximately 12 metres. Strangely enough, just moments before this incident, Leighann Niles escaped another animal encounter whereby a truck hit a small bird which ricocheted back into her back passenger door and startled her 5-year-old daughter. Luckily, mother and daughter were fine following the both incidents.
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‘Boy Takes Car to Skip Church’

A seven-year-old boy led police on a 65km/h car chase in his father’s car because he didn’t want to go to church. SBS reported via their online news page that the young boy stole his parents’ keys and took the car for a joyride around their local area in Weber County, Utah. Police were called to the area after onlookers witnessed a reckless driver, failing to halt at stop signs. The car was chased by police until the child pulled up in his driveway and ran back inside his family home. Although the child was illegally and dangerously driving, the boy is said to be too young to prosecute and therefore no citations were issued. BBC News released a video of the alleged car chase back in 2009.

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Witnessed anything bizarre on the roads recently? Be sure to comment if you’ve got any entertaining stories you need to share!





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