The Most Realistic Racing Game Ever? We Go Under the Bonnet with Project CARS

Project CARS

Do you own a Playsation4, Xbox One or a PC? The the next game you NEED to buy is Project CARS! Dubbed as the most realistic racing game of all time, Project CARS has stolen the top spot on the UK gaming chart for a second week in a row. But what makes this game THAT good? We take a closer look…

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Project CARS is the brainchild of British gaming firm Slightly Mad Studios, but unlike most mainstream games which normally go through a traditional publisher, Project CARS was born entirely from a crowd funding in which the developers and fans of the game all chipped in. Not only does this mean that the game’s community is completely devoted to Project CARS (which actually stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) it is also means that the game is developed to an incredibly high standard as the developers own money is at stake. They’ve no need to worry though… Project CARS is the first racing game to claim the UK’s number 1 spot since Codemasters’ GRID 2 back in 2013.

Are you sure this is just a game?

Project CARS

Dubbed by some as the most realistic racing game of all time, when you have a closer look at the cars and racing locations it’s clear to see why. First of all you have 80 starter cars which range from categories such retro touring cars, supercars and even karts. These are fantastic cars to race in and will truly immerse you in the game. One way Project CARS really excels at this level of immersion is with the fantastic sound effects. Each car has a completely unique sound from its racing counterparts and the screech of slamming on the brakes as you go round a sharp corner will actually make you think you’re behind the wheel of the car you’re driving.

Another great thing about this game is the locations. You can choose to race on over 110 tracks from 30 locations around the world. Make sure to have a close look at the scenery whilst you’re zooming round the track and you’ll see how much detail the Project CARS team have put in to making sure that their racing tracks are closely aligned with the actual courses themselves.

One last thing to mention on the graphics of this game, and maybe a weird point to focus on, is the weather. Now you might be thinking how does the weather conditions improve a game, but when the clouds reflect light like they would on a real summer’s day and the fog setting actually effects your ability to judge corners you do have to remind yourself that you are actually playing a game and not in fact on the track at Donington.

Game play

Project CARS

One of the best things about the Project CARS game play is the career mode. Unlike other racing games, players build up their racing career steadily by competing in increasingly difficult races. It’s not only the car you have to control when playing the game, you also have to control your career. As you move through the game you’ll earn sponsors, have to tune your pit stop strategy and pull out all the stops to become a racing legend.

So there you have it – our initial thoughts on Project CARS. If we’ve got you excited about this new game, why not visit our Facebook page and enter our competition where you could win your very own copy.




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