FL4SHC4R – Which Plates were the Biggest Money Spinners?

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We’ve all been there – sat behind a car in a traffic queue having a good giggle at the private plate in front of us which mysteriously spells something bizarre or funny.


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How much would you be willing to pay to have your name spelt out on a personalised registration plate? Baring in mind a personalised reg can decrease the value of your car. Believe it or not, many of us up and down the country fork out thousands for a super quirky or tremendously strange number plates.

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Since the DVLA began selling and auctioning private plates in 1989, they’ve managed to flog 4.2 million in the UK alone. Additionally, there are countless private plate dealers on the web, which, despite appearing a little non-legit, manage to sell some of the most expensive, albeit ridiculous, number plates you can imagine.

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There are a number of private plate characteristics that determine its hugely expensive value. For instance, the containment of one single letter and the owner’s initials are features that you’d need to win a share of the EuroMillions to pay for.

Which begs the question, just exactly how much would one person be willing to pay for the most exclusive number plate?

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We’ve brought you a list of the most expensive private number plates in the UK. You may well despair –or burst with delight over – these bad boys!

  1. 51 NGH – As Singh is such a popular name in the Sikh community, this number plate is one of the most sought-after car accessories and is supposedly one of the most expensive Asian number plates to be sold in the UK. It was purchased for £254,000.
  2. KI NGS – Sold in 1993 and supposedly sparking a revolution of personalised number plate ownership, this was sold for a reported £231,000.
  3. VIP 1 – Currently owned by the Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, this number plate was purchased back in 2006 for the small cost of £285,000! If you think this is pricey, wait until you see what other private plates these billionaires’ spare dosh has bought them.
  4. M 1 – Having previously sold his business for £40 million, McCoomb had a little spare wonga to burn, so he purchased this private plate at £330,000 for his son’s tenth birthday. That’s £165,000 per letter/number – a reasonable price, no?
  5. F 1 – Currently the reigning UK champion of expensive number plates, Bradford entrepreneur, Afzal Khan, bought ‘F 1’ for an extravagant £440,000. The plate now takes pride of place on Khan’s Mercedes SLR McLaren which is priced at around £300,000 – so the private plate is actually worth more than Mr Kahn’s shiny, sporty whip-around. Combined, Kahn’s driveway holds host to approximately £740,000 worth of motor paraphernalia based on one vehicle alone.
  6. The World’s Most Expensive Private Number Plate goes to Abdul Ghaffar Khouri from Abu Dhabi, which simply reads ‘1’. Bought for 7 million incredible pounds to be precise, you’d certainly have to see it to believe it. When Khouri was questioned of his motives for the purchase, he simply stated, “I bought it because it is the best number”.

So, that just about rounds up our mini tour of the most extravagant and excessively over-priced private number plates. Make sure you comment below with your favourite one, or get snapping and leave a photo of the most outlandish private reg you’ve seen out and about in your local area!





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