Do you know who I am? 5 Angry Drivers that Could Take on Ronnie Pickering

Do you know who I am? 5 Angry Drivers that Could Take on Ronnie Pickering

There’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a car to turn even the most mild-mannered of motorists into expletive-screaming sociopaths. The worrying thing is, the worst road rage incidents often stem from the most trivial of incidents.

Here are five of the angriest drivers we could find, buckle up…!

  1. A Mexican stand-off in Malta

The age-old conundrum of who has right of way explodes into an expletive filled rant as this US tourist threatens to, amongst other things, “kick the fat Maltese ass” of the local who refuses to budge before almost throwing a punch at the closed car window.

You can find the full video here; it’s best not listen to it with any kids in earshot, the swearing would make Tony Soprano blush…

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  1. Motorway madness

It’s difficult to tell how this one started, or even who the aggressor is as both men go toe-to-toe in the middle of a gridlocked motorway. The highlight is definitely when the bigger guy throws in a dreadful karate kick before taking a punch right on the chin.

Check the whole scuffle out here and try to work out exactly what it’s all about.

  1. “I’d eat you for breakfast”

The guy in this video – who weirdly emerges from his Range Rover in what appear to be biker leathers – seems dead put out by the fact the cyclists he’s struggling to overtake have had the temerity to use the road instead of the cycle lane.

It’s really not that big a deal, is it?

And in among the volley of expletives getting served up by both parties comes the classic “I’d eat you for breakfast”. Probably a good job he’d eaten that morning then.

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Again, watch the full video here, but clear the kids out of the room as this is about Manchester circa 1800 on the industrial-language-o-meter.

  1. Motorcyclist vs. cyclist

Who’s the more annoying road user – the motorbike rider who rides too fast and cuts everybody up, or the cyclist who scrambles for the moral high ground despite having no respect at all for the rules of the road?

Any motorist who has had the displeasure of running into either will probably feel a sense of smug satisfaction to watch both stereotypes going at it in this video.

  1. The terrifying face of road rage

This one from the US is another where it’s unclear exactly what has happened to raise the hackles of this angry driver who throws a punch straight at the motorbike rider without any explanation or provocation.

The driver gets what coming to him, though, as he’s grappled to the floor by the biker before contrition finally kicks in and he is rendered speechless at what he has done. This video highlights perfectly how ridiculous, not to mention terrifying, road rage really is.

What do you think – is road rage really about the incident that precedes it? Or are there a bunch of drivers in need of anger management classes that are taking their life issues out on other drivers, shielded behind the safety of their little glass box? Leave a comment, and tell us about your angry drivers experiences.




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