Sweet Dreams Are Made of……F1!!


“If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari.” – Gilles Villeneuve.

As a young kid you have dreams. Wishes. You want to become a Real Madrid football player, race for Ferrari or be like your own father. The reason I started with this quote is simple. When I was younger these were my three wishes. In the earlier days I was a dreamer I guess. Now I realize I can only be like my own father. But it is good to have dreams, especially as a youngster. There are several examples of people who made their dreams a reality. Like Gilles Villeneuve. He won six races for Ferrari. It isn’t the most, but I admire his perseverance to get into Ferrari and win those races.

Going back to the beginning. As a kid I liked football and racing, and still do. I went to many events with my dad. The greatest moment I witnessed was the European Grand Prix in 2007 which was the first Formula 1 race I ever visited. I got up early in the morning and crossed over from the Netherlands to Germany to arrive in time for the Grand Prix.

There were lots of Dutch fans in our stand, because of the attendance of the Dutch Spyker F1 team. At the start of the race, raindrops were falling everywhere on the circuit. One man started on the wet tires. His name? Marcus Winkelhock. I will never forget him. He was the one who passed the Ferrari of Kimi Räikkönen at corner number 8, where we were sat. I could imagine that Kimi must have felt like a sitting duck. A Ferrari beaten by a Spyker F1! I must admit that I never heard of Marcus Winkelhock again. He only drove one race for Spyker F1, but I will always remember him. And Kimi? Still driving Formula 1 for Ferrari.

This weekend the Formula 1 circus is heading towards the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. I dreamt to win here in a Ferrari and send the Ferrari mad tifosi wild.

Is it possible that this weekend Sebastian Vettel or Kimi Räikkönen will give the home crowd a victory? Don’t consider it as done, because Mercedes’ were really flying on the circuit at Spa Francochamps.

However, I still got one wish this weekend. Not as a young kid. But as an adult. Seb or Kimi, give the tifosi what they got from Fernando Alonso in 2010 at last.

The victory at Monza!





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