10 Strange Driving Laws From Around The World

10 Strange Driving Laws From Around The World

Driving abroad can be tricky enough as it is, but these weird and wonderful driving laws are leaving us scratching our heads. From topless driving to mandatory car washes, there are some peculiar driving laws around the world.

But WAIT before you take a read, have a go at our quiz first to test your knowledge! No peeking below!

Ok, so now you’ve taken our quiz – how many did you get right? Here are some more strange driving laws:

1. It’s illegal to drive topless in Thailand.

2. In Cyprus you can be fined for raising your hand off the steering wheel.

3. In Denmark drivers must check for children underneath their cars before they set off.

4. It’s illegal to stop or breakdown for any reason on the German authbahn.

5. In Costa Rica you have to get your car fumigated before you’re allowed in the country.

6. In France every driver must carry a breathalyzer in their car.

7. In Bulgaria your car must have a mandatory car wash upon entry into the country.

8. In South Africa animals have right of way on the roads.

9. In Spain anyone who wear glasses to drive must keep a spare pair in their car.

10. It’s illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

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