Sharing and Shaming in Manchester

Bad Parking in Manchester

We’ve all been there, only a couple of spots left in the car park and some jerk has parked over both of them. There’s not much to be done other than grit your teeth and move on, hoping to find somewhere else, until now…

Bad Parking

Angry motorists in Greater Manchester have set up a Facebook group to share some of their fellow residents’ parking misdemeanours, and some of the results are pretty hilarious (as well as dangerous, selfish and often downright illegal)

Here are some of our favourites:

The roadblock



Straddling the spaces

Straddling the line


Value my car


Just stick it there the film’s only 2 hours long

Exchange Square


I can feel a scrape coming

Poor bumper


Sealed with a kiss



You ain’t going nowhere



Value my car


Perfectly diagonal



Doubly disabled

doubly disabled


The smallest car in the car park still needs 2 spaces



And finally… Wow. Just Wow.

left for dead


Hopefully all this this might encourage a bit more consideration from drivers in the North West.

Have you seen seen worse? Email us your parking nightmares by clicking here




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