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Steve Truong
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This week we’re chatting to Steve Truong who works at our Edinburgh East branch.

So Steve, tell us, what was the first car you ever owned?

The very first car I ever bought was a Fiat Seicento. I was 18 at the time and had that car for two years before selling it. Good times!

Nice first car! What other cars have you owned in the past?

I have had several cars since I have had a license. Honda Civic Type R, Honda CRX and Mazda RX7 are probably the more exciting ones I’ve had. I actually still have the RX7 as a weekend car although at the moment it is undergoing a full engine rebuild.

Wow, an engine rebuild? Sounds like quite a bit of work! Have you had any other malfunctions with your cars?

I actually had a major breakdown in my first car – the Fiat Seicento! I was on the Forth Road Bridge and the clutch broke. I caused quite a scene but thankfully the AA were there to rescue me in no time.

Oh no that sounds dramatic! If you could own any car (with a working clutch of course!) what would it be?

That’s easy! My dream car is the R32 Skyline which is used in the Fast and Furious movies. I know it was up for sale recently as well.

R32 Skyline

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Now that IS a dream car! What car have you bought recently which has stood out?

One car which I have purchased recently which has stuck with me is a BMW X6. I purchased it from a gentleman who runs a well-known restaurant in the centre of Edinburgh, so it was a great appointment to have as we chatted about food too! He is getting a BMW 5 series to replace the BMW X6  and we were able to give him a better deal compared to the trade in.

Nice car! So if any of our readers want to pay you a visit and sell their car, where would you recommend them to visit whilst they are in Edinburgh?

Definitely Princess Street! It has everything you need from Primark to Harvey Nichols However, I’d say to avoid this street in rush hour as it can be a nightmare to drive down. I do have an insider tip for you… if you’re looking to park in Edinburgh I would always recommend St James Shopping Centre car park as it nearly always has space.

Thanks for the tip! Finally, why do you think people should sell their car to

Most of our customers are usually looking to buy another car after they have sold their car to us. By using we can help make the process of buying a new car even easier as they will receive the money direct into their bank account after selling their car to us, which they can then use to buy their next vehicle.

A big thanks to Steve for giving us an insight into life at the Edinburgh East branch. If you’re thinking selling your car just use our online valuation tool and make an appointment to see Steve!







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