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We recently caught up with Lewis Brimfield, the VP at our We Buy Any Car branch in the Welsh capital, to chat about Cardiff and more importantly cars.

So Lewis, can you tell us about the first car you ever owned?

My first car was a Fiesta 1.2 which I bought from a local dealer in Merthyr about four years ago. I was 18 at the time so that Fiesta will always stick with me!

Apart from your Fiesta 1.2, what has been another one of your favourite cars you’ve owned in the past?

One of my favourite cars has to be the MINI 1.6 I bought around a year ago from the same dealer I got my Fiesta. MINIs are one of the most iconic cars of all time: retro, powerful and most importantly fun to drive.

If you had an unlimited budget, what car would you buy and why?

Ah that’s easy! It would have to be a Lamborghini Huracán – that car is simply mind blowing!

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A Lamborghini – good choice! Now we know your taste in cars, how about some of the cars you’ve bought recently for We Buy Any Car. Any recent sales stick in your memory?

Around two weeks I valued a lovely silver Mercedes. The gentleman selling the car was a pleasure to deal with and the car itself was in a great condition – he was simply selling so he could upgrade to the new model of his own Mercedes!

Another one I bought recently for We Buy Any Car was a fab little red MINI. It looked brand new and made me think of my very own MINI 1.6. I would have bought that red MINI any day of the week.

You’re based in Cardiff which is becoming well known as Europe’s youngest capital city. Apart from the cultural side of the city, Cardiff is known as a key shopping destination. If any of our readers are planning a visit where would you say is the best place to shop?

The main shopping destination in Cardiff HAS to be the St David’s shopping centre. It’s modern and has everything you need for a day out shopping in the city!

If our readers are travelling by car where would you recommend they park? It is a busy capital city after all!

Ahh time for some insider knowledge! I’d always recommend people to either park in the St David’s shopping centre itself as it has huge multi-storey carpark. Another great location for parking is by the National Museum of Cardiff.

Fab tips! So now we’ve chatted about cars and Cardiff let’s talk about the We Buy Any Car Cardiff branch. What would you say are the most common reasons for people selling their car to We Buy Any Car?

I’d say the number one reason people sell their cars to We Buy Any Car – especially here in Cardiff – is that people want to avoid any hassle when they’re selling their car. We make the whole process simple and stress free.

So there you have it – the insider knowledge to life at We Buy Any Car Cardiff. If you’re looking to sell your car, why not visit Lewis at our Cardiff branch?




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