Do you value your time? We do, that's why our car buying service is quick and easy so you can sell your car in no time. Take the hassle out of the school run with these top tips.

Follow our tips to saving time on the school run

  • If your children have packed lunches, prepare them the night before. You could even prep for a few days in advance by making a pick 'n' mix of school lunches that are easy to grab.
  • Also, lay out school uniforms the night before; this will prevent any last minute ironing and lost items.
  • Keep all school shoes in one place – by the front door. It'll stop any shoes from going missing and also encourage children out the door too.
  • Encourage older children to get themselves ready, for example, brushing their hair and putting shoes on. It'll help you save time and give them a sense of accomplishment too.
  • Keep breakfast simple on school mornings. Cereal, porridge, toast, yoghurt and fruit are the best options – they're easy to make and grab if you're running late.
  • Invest in an alarm clock to wake children up. Even if it only rouses them, it'll give you a little helping hand getting them out of bed.
  • Secretly put the clocks forward 10 minutes! You'll always be ahead of schedule and if something does go wrong, you've got time on your side.
  • Set a timer to achieve certain things by a particular time. You could turn this into a game to see which child can be ready for when the timer goes off too!
  • Keep essentials in one place – keys, money, phone…put them all in the same place so you're not looking for them at the last minute.
  • Get children in bed on time! It sounds easier said than done, but a well-rested child will wake up much easier in the morning.