7 Car Games All 90’s Kids Will Remember

7 Car Games All 90's Kids Will Remember

Nowadays racing games are big business. But back in the 1990’s when video games were coming into their own they were about addictive gameplay rather than impressive graphics. So let’s take a drive down memory lane, as we round up some of the best classic driving games from the 1990s.

GTA – 1997

The original in the popular series, this is where we first came to know San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City. The first game was less of a racer one and had more open play; guided by mobsters who pressed for missions to be completed in exchange for rewards. There was a lot of criticism around the game in its early days for its violent nature, but that didn’t stop it in its tracks.

Original Grand Theft Auto (GTA) on Playstation 1


Super Mario Kart – 1992

Throwing turtle shells at your friends was the best bit about this game! The fun characters, music and graphics made Super Mario Kart an instant hit, and you didn’t even need to like racing games to play it either.

Original Mario Kart on Nintendo


Gran Turismo – 1998

This was the game for racing fans. With over 170 different cars featured, each handled differently, making it feel like you were in control…if it wasn’t for the jerky graphics! It fast became the racing game that everyone tried to better.

Gran Turismo Ps2


Micro Machines – 1991

This series of games came from the popular toy and the video games featured tracks based on household settings, for example, kitchen tables and desktops, and various obstacles to dodge along the way. Ridiculously addictive and competitive!

Original Micro Machines - Sega


The Need for Speed – 1991

At the time of its release, its graphics were unrivalled. It was also one of the first video games to feature licensed cars including the Toyota Supra, Dodge Viper and Porsche 911.

First Need for Speed Game - 1991


Road Rash – 1992

Ok, so it’s not a car racing game but every 90’s kid knows Road Rash HAD to be on this list! Basically, a motorcycling game that allows you to punch other riders in the face…what’s not to like?!

Road Rash Original Game - 1991 - Sega


Crazy Taxi – 1999

A later comer to the 90’s video game world, in this game you were challenged to extend the clock by picking up customers and delivering them as quickly as possible to their destination.

Original Crazy Taxi - 1999 - Sega

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