Politicians And Their Cars

Politicians And Their Cars

We take a look back at the history of politicians and their four wheels…from the modern day to some retro throwbacks.

Theresa May – Conservatives: BMW 7 Series & Jaguar XJ Sentinel

Before her appointment as Prime Minister, Theresa May was often seen arriving at Number 10 in a BMW 7 Series. She’s now driven around in the current Prime Ministerial Car – an armoured Jaguar XJ Sentinel. Not quite your standard XJ, with blast protection against 15kg TNT and under floor grenade protection.

David Cameron – Conservatives: Honda CVR

Before the ex-Prime Minister was chauffeured around in the Jaguar above, he drove his trusty Honda CVR. In fact, during a visit to the Honda factory, David Cameron told staff how much he missed driving his Honda CR-V.

Back in May 2016, David Cameron also hit the headlines when he bought his wife Samantha a 2004 Nissan Micra worth £1,500 and with 90,000 miles on the clock!

Gordon Brown – Labour: Vauxhall Omega CD

When Gordon Brown first became Prime Minister in 2007 he was still driving around in his Vauxhall nine months later! He did, however, have to upgrade to the Jaguar XJ eventually.

Ed Miliband – Labour: Ford Focus

The former leader of the Labour party owned a green Ford Focus, which was spotted being washed by his cleaner outside his family home.


Boris Johnson – Conservatives: Toyota Previa

He must have forgotten about his Boris Bikes on this day. In 2014, Boris Johnson was spotted filling up his ageing Toyota Previa with fuel.

Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrats: Ford Galaxy

In 2014, the former Deputy Prime Minister told listeners of a radio station that he owned “a second-hand Ford Galaxy, not in prime condition”.

Alan Clarke – Conservatives: Jaguar SS100

An MP under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, Alan Clarke was known for his love of cars and owned a stunning Jaguar SS100 like this one, and was often seen driving away from the House of Commons in his classic Jag.

Sir Winston Churchill – Conservatives: Land Rover Series 1 & Hillman Pullman

He needs no introduction. The former Prime Minister owned both a Land Rover Series 1 and a Hillman Pullman during his different terms.





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