Paris To Ban Cars Over 19 Years Old

Paris To Ban Cars Over 19 Years Old

It’s known as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, but from next month there’ll be no more vintage cars on the pretty boulevards of Paris as a new ban on older vehicles comes in to force.

From 1st July any cars over 19 years old or motorbikes made before 2000 will not be allowed to drive on weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm. It’s all in aid of improving air quality and reducing pollution, problems that major cities around the world are having to face up to.

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Anyone flouting the new rules could be hit with fines of up to €450, probably more than some of those old cars are even worth. There are currently around 30,000 vehicles of a certain age registered in Paris that are expected to be affected by the change. To put it in perspective that’s everything R reg or later in the UK which on the last count was over 1.8m cars!


And if you think that’s strict, in 2020 the ban will be tightened to include anything built before 2010, with the weekday ban also going 24 hours. It could mean more people ditching their vehicles and using one of the 23,600 Velib bicycles available to rent across the city. That’s a scheme which Boris copied to use in London, so could we see our capital following suit with a ban on old cars?

What do you think about the ban?

Would you like to see it introduced in your town or city?


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