New Year, New Car: 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Car in the New Year

New Year, New Car: 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Car in the New Year

The New Year brings new possibilities; many find the New Year is the perfect time to move into a new home, book a much-needed holiday or set a resolution that they’ve been meaning to tackle for years. For others, the New Year is an opportunity to treat themselves, and what better treat to enter the New Year with than a brand new car.

There are so many reasons to get a new car – your old one is looking old and shabby, you want to sell up before it loses any more value, or maybe you’ve won the lottery! Whatever the reason is, we can’t think of a better time to treat yourself than the start of another year. Here are our top reasons to upgrade your car in the New Year.

Go bigger

Upgrade to a bigger car in the new year for more space and practicality.

Life changes whether we want it to or not and sometimes, you need to upgrade your car to match your new circumstances. If you have a growing family then your car needs to grow with you, even if that just means switching from a Ford Fiesta to a slightly larger Focus. The start of the New Year is the perfect time to upsize your vehicle to a family-sized SUV or large saloon. Spacious cars are incredibly practical, and enable you to ferry more passengers, more shopping and more belongings!

Owners of larger cars can often make use of the extra space when moving house or simply when tackling the Christmas shopping. This can save money on expenses such as removal services for example, and execute a long trip with several drop-offs or pickups (such as the dreaded school run) in one fail swoop!


Go smaller

Downsize your car to a more manageable and cheaper option for the new year

An upgrade doesn’t always mean a bigger car. Downsizing can be just as fun, the Jaguar XE is a small car after all and who would say no to that? Getting a smaller car is ideal especially if you have had enough of struggling to park your large SUV or it’s costing you too much in petrol. Downsizing your vehicle can be great for economy and practicality, without necessarily sacrificing performance.


Go premium

Treat yourself to a premium executive car to start the new year

If you have high hopes for 2019 you and you’re starting the new year with a new job then you might want to pick up a luxury car as a well-deserved treat to yourself. A premium executive car may be more your style now, the sleek Mercedes C-Class or the popular Audi A5 are both prime examples of executive cars that deliver plenty in the ways of style and performance. It’s about time you looked the business as you pull into the car park at work!


Go adventurous

The new year is the time to treat yourself so why not show off with a brand new sports car

The New Year is the time to try something new, be bold and be adventurous. Take upgrading your car to the next level and really spoil yourself with a sporty number, something fast, something flash and something that is going to turn heads. Whilst this may not be the most economical of upgrade options, if you have a little extra disposable to splash on a new car, you could make a big impression. This is your year to really show off!


Go green

Switch your car to a more economic electric car

As much as we love cars, they aren’t often the best for our environment. If your New Year’s resolution is to be more considerate of the world we live in, for example, recycle more and waste less, then why not start with your vehicle choice. More and more cars on the market offer a much cleaner performance. Why not go all out and treat yourself to a new electric car?


Life doesn’t stay the same so why should your car. What’s your next car going to be for 2018?




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