Stripping at 60… and 5 Other Crazy Record Breakers

Stripping at 60... and 5 Other Crazy Record Breakers

On the 27th August, the Guinness Book of Records turns 60 – so to wish them an almighty happy birthday, and to encourage folk to get weird, we’ve generated a list of the world’s most unsuspecting record holders. From strippers to bodybuilders, you’ll be amazed at these quirky characters and their wonderful talents – fighting off stereotypes one cliff-jump at a time…

1. Donald A. Gorske, from somewhere in the USA, consumed his 26,000th McDonald’s Big Mac on 11th October 2012. Gross, but impressive. For 40 consecutive years, Donny G ate a Big Mac a day. The oddest thing is that 1. He hasn’t died of a heart attack yet 2. He’s noticeably slender 3. He has luscious long locks 4. He shares a fraction of his name with the Ronald McDonald.

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Unofficial quote from Gorske: ‘Just ate my 26,000th Big Mac… Still cute though’.


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It all doesn’t quite add up, but low-and-behold, he’s bagged himself the world record for the most Big Macs consumed ever. Woohoo! You go Donald A. Gorske.

P.S. We don’t recommend you do this at home, or anywhere, or ever at all in your entire lifetime as we’re pretty sure there’d be some pretty big health consequences – despite Gorske’s apparent immunity to masses of processed meat and fat.


2. At 84 years and 37 days old, the world’s oldest BASE jumper, Donald Cripps, parachuted off the 267 mile high New George Bridge near Fayetteville in West Virginia, USA on 19th October 2013. Whatever Cripps was on – we want some x10.


basejumpImage Source


3. Bernie Barker of Miami, Florida, began his stripping career in 2000 (aged 60) as a way of getting back in shape after recovering from prostate cancer. Since quitting his career selling real estate, Bernie has won more than 40 contests. Bernie Barker passed away in March 2007, aged 66, but his dedication to the entertainment industry lives on and he’s recognised universally as the world’s oldest stripper and biggest influencer of Magic Mike.


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4. Whilst we were busy cutting our own hair and playing kissy-chase at aged 5, Julian Pavone was crowned the world’s youngest professional drummer. Pavone, who probably began busting out sweet and soulful rhythms whilst still in the womb, now aged 9 (and a total dude), plays a 22-piece custom drum set, knocking out all kinds of rock, punk, and jazz numbers. What are they feeding them these days?

littledrum Image Source


5. Sarah Patricia “Paddy” Jones, born July 1934, is the world’s oldest acrobatic salsa dancer and is best known for winning the Spanish talent show Tu Si Que Vales – wooing viewers with her uber-flex-y bod and her ability to simultaneously pull off and totally don some seriously sassy sequin numbers.


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Paddy is creating #lifegoals for us all. She also competed in the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent, where they finished a whopping great ninth overall. After the death of her husband to leukaemia, Paddy decided to take up flamenco classes at a Spanish dance academy where she unearthed her salsa talents and formed loyal partnership with Nico (40 years her junior). R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


6. Despite sumo-wrestling being perceived as a predominately male sport, Sharran Alexander from London coolly pocketed the record for the heaviest competing sportswoman. Sharran weighs in at 203.21kg (448 lbs or 32 stone) of pure power. Putting her stature to awesome use, Sharran has won four gold medals in various competitions around the world and travelled to Japan to represent Great Britain in the World Sumo Championship. We’re backing you all the way, Shaz!


Image Source: Sharran Alexander’s Twitter Page

We hope you’ve enjoyed our #GBORturns60 post – we most definitely did. We’d like to thank our 6 most unlikely record-breaker candidates for keeping us entertained and for being outstandingly courageous and talented!

Have an undiscovered quirk or a talent you think needs recognising? Comment below and don’t forget to share if you’re feeling inspired by any of the guys above!




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