How Reliable is your Car?

How reliable is my car?

A survey of over 750 UK residents by car warranty company Warrantywise revealed which car brands are perceived to be the most reliable by the public.

The results showed that many people consider German car manufacturers to produce the most reliable cars, despite the Warrantywise’s data showing that many are actually less reliable than other brands.

The company revealed that manufacturers Mercedes, Audi and BMW all ranked in the top ten answers given, however data shows that they are actually much further down the rankings of reliable car brands than you might think. Warrantywise’s dependency rankings actually place the manufacturers at 27th, 28th and 29th respectively.
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The company ranks the reliability of each brand using a ‘dependability factor’, which is based on the number of reported faults or breakdowns, with a number of 75 representing the UK average. A score of 75 is considered to be positive, where as a score of 60 or below would suggest that a high number of incidents in which repairs are needed have occurred.

Find out how your car fares up to the reliability test. If you’re low down on the list, why not value your car and upgrade to a more reliable model?

Let’s take a look at the 5 best and worst car brands according to the Warrantywise dependability rankings:

5 Least Reliable Car Brands

The least reliable car brand on Warrantywise’s list is Maserati, with a very low score of just 41. The brand was followed (in order) by Jaguar, Porsche, Alfa Romeo and Chrysler, with only the latter 2 achieving a score of 60 or above.

Dependability Score Make Average Repair Cost
 64  Chrysler  £464
 60  Alfa Romeo  £590
 57  Porsche  £842
 54  Jaguar  £794
 41  Maserati  £1430


What is seemingly more surprising about these results is that each of the brands pegged as ‘least reliable’ are in fact manufacturers of high-end luxury and performance cars!

5 Most Reliable Car Brands

The most reliable car in the rankings was Honda with a whopping dependability score of 93. The Japanese brand was followed closely (in order) by Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. Interestingly, the top 4 ranking most reliable cars on the list are all made by Japanese car manufacturers.

Dependability Score Make Average Repair Cost
 93  Honda  £535
 93  Toyota  £592
 92  Suzuki  £424
89  Mitsubishi  £833
 88  Hyundai  £577

So, was your car on the most or least reliable list? To view the full table you can find Warrantywise’s reliability study here.

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