Spooky Halloween Playlist

Spooky Halloween Playlist

Who else loves Halloween?! A chance to dress up as scary as you can and eat all the sweats without an ounce of guilt. What’s not to love?

Whether you are planning your costume, gathering mounds of sweets in preparation for ‘trick or treaters’ or decking out your home with fake cobwebs and creepy monsters, there can be a lot to plan if you truly want to embrace the season. One thing webuyanycar.com can help you with is a super spooky Halloween playlist!

When creating our Frankencar we also surveyed 3,000 people, asking them to pick their favourite spooky song from a list of classics. With 34% of the votes the winner is…’Thriller’ by Michael Jackson!

So, without further ado, here are our top 10 tracks that are perfect for any Halloween party.