Car Owners Who Really Love Halloween

Car Owners Who Really Love Halloween

With Halloween upon us, talk turns to who can pull off the best fancy dress. But there’s always that one person who takes the competition a little too far…like these car owners who couldn’t help themselves when it comes to getting into the spirit of Halloween.

Scared of spiders? Don’t look now! This spider web car is all wrapped up for Halloween complete with some unwanted passengers.



 This ghoul is just hanging out by his car for Halloween. We like the additional lighting on this one.



 This car made to look like it’s made out of skeleton bones is actually pretty impressive.

Visitors watch at a car-like sculpture made of material molded in the shape of bones in New Delhi


 It’s all about the paint job on this one. A spooky landscape complete with skulls and skeleton.



 Well this is a bit much to take in, it’s almost like Halloween has thrown up on this car!



 This beat up truck makes great decoration in a field. Anyone got a old rusty truck on hand?



 Trick or…trunk? It’s pretty common for people to decorate inside their cars on Halloween in America.



 Or throwback to good old days when we didn’t need fancy costumes and chuck a white sheet over your car…instant ghost! Just like MINI did for Motor Tober in 2009.



Or you could just simply be a badass and turn your supercar into a scary pumpkin. 



Do you want to get involved and be ready for next Halloween? Upgrade your car to a model that can really pull it off. Whether you opt for a black, orange or green colour you could really up your spooky decor game.


Can’t get enough of Halloween? Have a look at the best car-themed fancy dress costumes or take our famous scary cars quiz.




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