Britain Won’t Buy In To Driverless Cars: Find Out Why

Britain Won't Buy In To Driverless Cars: Find Out Why

Fears about computer malfunctions, hacking and road accidents mean just one in three Brits would consider buying a self-driving car, new research from We Buy Any Car has revealed.

The poll explores British attitudes towards self-driving car technology, which use a series of sensors and an onboard computer to manoeuvre through traffic on its own, allowing the driver to become the passenger.

  • Almost half of those polled (46%) had concerns that the onboard computer could malfunction, while 30% said they were worried the cars could be hacked and hijacked.
  • The list of safety fears continued with 30% admitting concerns about hazardous interactions with non-self-driving vehicles and 22% said poor weather conditions could harm the vehicle’s performance.
  • The cost was another significant negative, with 46% saying they feel the vehicles would be too expensive.
  • Respondents said the main positive of the technology would be a reduction in speeding (39.7%), followed by allowing everyone to drive including those with disabilities (39.5%) and taking the issue of human error out of driving (37%).
  • Overall, just 34% of those polled said they would consider purchasing a self-driving car when they become available to the public, with a further 34% saying they would not and 32% admitting they did not know if they would invest in the technology.
  • Men were slightly more likely than women to say they would purchase a self-driving car and also more optimistic that they would cut down speeding (35.8% vs 45.3%).
  • Younger people were also more likely to show an interest in the technology, with 49% of 25-34-year-olds saying they would buy a self-driving car compared to 22% of 55-64-year-olds.


How do you feel about driverless cars? Would you be willing to sell your car to opt for this revolutionary vehicle?




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