Great Scott! 30 Cars that Survived Back to the Future –

Back to the future 30 cars that survived marty mcfly doc brown delorean

There are no DeLoreans still licenced to drive on British roads – but using government data, We Buy Any Car has calculated the top 30 car makes and models which were first registered in 1985 – and were still licenced up to the end of 2014.

Mini Makes its Mark Yet Again

It is perhaps no surprise that the beloved original Mini occupies 3 spots in the charts including No.1 position.  There are still 250 Mini ‘Mayfairs’ sold and first taxed for British roads in 1985 and the Mini ‘City’ and ‘Ritz’ models bring the total up to 465.

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Sporty Oldies

The list includes a number of firm favourites – there are even 100 Citroen ‘2CVs’.  Whilst Porsche have always been premium price they seem to outlast a number of other makes with 423 still registered which might mean they were, in fact, good value for money. With 44 Ferraris registered in 1985 still driving around UK roads, the same could be said of the eponymous Italian sports car. There’s probably even a few in there that could get up to that fabled 88mph!

The Top 30 in Full

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