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Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Front View

Sports Utility Vehicles are hugely popular, the hunks of the car scene, and Ford has a family of three models with SUV muscle to woo buyers. 

Ford came comparatively late to the SUV party. While other car makers clamoured to please customers who were attracted to the pumped up style and capability of a 4×4, Ford only joined in eight years ago with the Kuga, based on the same understructure as a Focus. Then three years ago, along came the EcoSport, with a similar chassis to a Fiesta.

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Now there’s another one, added to the Ford UK range in the latter part of this year. Well, new in Europe anyway, although the first generation of the Canadian-built Ford Edge has been sold in North America for a decade, but now the second-gen car is available over here as well. Under the skin, it has much in common with a beefy all-American Lincoln MKX.

Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Badge

The Edge has a two-litre diesel engine and all-wheel-drive, and it goes up against rivals like the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe and Renault Kadjar. Unlike some of the others, that are available as seven-seaters, the Ford is only offered with five seats and no option for a third row.

No Yank-tank

Although it is a car originally designed for America, and manufactured just across the border on the outskirts of Toronto, the Edge has a body style that doesn’t seem out of place on UK roads. Apart from the rather oversized front grille, it looks as if it could have been designed in Europe.

Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Front View

The diesel engine performs well and isn’t particularly vocal, and the ride quality is reasonable although firmish in this Sport model with bigger, 20-inch wheels. Like most SUVs, the raised ground clearance and all-wheel-drive mean that it can cope fine with rugged off-road tracks as well as country on-road potholes.

Don’t expect much behind-the-wheel excitement though. The Edge is clearly set up to be family friendly rather than driver-engaging. You wouldn’t want to hustle it too urgently along a winding country road, because it leans quite a bit on the bends and doesn’t handle as crisply as the best of its rivals.

Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Cabin

Actively quiet

Part of the Edge’s standard kit is a system of active noise control like that used in the Mondeo Vignale to quieten the cabin and isolate it from sound intrusion. It works like noise-cancelling headphones, using sound waves to hush the intrusive frequencies of engine rattle and road rumble. It’s good.

Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Wheel

Even the lowest-spec models come equipped with big wheels, 19-inch alloys. Sport models like our test car have sportier-looking bumpers, black 20-inch wheels, and can be specified in this look-at-me paint, a glowing golden orange called electric spice. It’s not one for introverts, but then this is a pretty extrovert kind of car anyway.

Lots of muscle

This is a big chunk of car. It weighs nearly two tonnes, and has a whopping 2,200 kg towing capacity. The body is quite wide at nearly 2.2 metres to the tips of the door mirrors, and getting on for five metres long, but it’s not as big as that Goliath of SUVs, an Audi Q7.

Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Side View

The two-litre TDCi engine packs a 177 bhp punch and has 295 lb ft of torque, so it’s not short of oomph despite the car’s weight. The 0-62 mph acceleration time is a whisker below 10 seconds.

Cargo carrier

The Edge has a big boot, which makes it a practical family car for five-up and all their luggage on a long trip. The nicely-square boot area is 602 litres with both seat rows in place, which is one of the largest amongst similarly-sized SUVs, and it extends to 1,847 litres with the rear seats folded.

Ford Edge Review, Ford Edge Rear View

The rear sill is quite high for lifting in heavy luggage, but flopping down the back seats to cram more in is made easy by electric release switches at the back of the boot. It’s that, together with the big cargo capacity, that gives Ford’s biggest SUV a practical edge – sorry – over some rivals.

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Ford Edge Stats Review

Model tested: Edge Sport 2.0 TDCi AWD

Top speed:  124 mph

0-62 mph:  9.9 secs

Economy:  47.9 mpg

CO2:  152 g/km

Price:  £32,250

Images: Sue Baker




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