£5,000 Car Insurance Quotes? First Time Drivers Can Avoid Overspending With These Top Tips


Are high insurance premiums keeping you off the road?

Unless you have a very generous parent on-side, it’s extremely difficult to afford your first year of driving. Not only do you have the price of the car to worry about, but you’re likely to be hit with staggering insurance premiums that you just can’t pay. Don’t despair just yet; there are ways to reduce your costs.

Choose Your Car Wisely

The style and value of your car can affect your car insurance premium. It may not be the coolest ride in town, but buying a small, inexpensive, standard car will take a chunk out of your insurance premiums. Choose a model without modifications and keep things modest. It only needs to get you from A to B, after all. Once your insurance premiums start dropping over the years, you can always buy something flashier.

Agree On A Curfew

Some insurance companies like to keep you off the roads at night time when you’re more likely (statistically) to have a car accident. You can agree on a curfew in advance, and they may reduce your insurance premiums as a result.

The Little Black Box

Many people are unaware of this magical thing, but there are little black boxes that monitor your driving safety, to let insurance companies know how reliable you are as a driver. Bear in mind that your mileage is usually limited to these schemes and you may also be put on a curfew, depending on your insurance company’s specifications. Also, Little Black Boxes usually cost money to install but you should still save money in the long run.

Price Compare!

Perhaps the most obvious tip on our list: always, always go through price comparison companies in order to get the best deal. Don’t just blindly use the same insurance as your parents or your friends; you could save a lot of money just by shopping around.

Enhance Your Driving Skills

The Pass Plus scheme is not only a great way to bump up your confidence after you’ve passed your test, but it could also reduce your insurance premiums by 25%!

Stay Out Of Trouble

Now is not the time the channel your inner racer. Take it easy on the roads and drive responsibly. The safer a driver you can be, the less of a risk you are in an insurance company’s eyes. If you’re a goodie-two-shoes behind the wheel, you’re more likely to have massive insurance reductions in the future.

What was your first insurance bill, and do you have any further tips on how to reduce it? We’d love to hear them!




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