How to festival-proof your car

How to festival-proof your car

Festival season is upon us and we’re sure that you can hardly contain your excitement! But let’s not forget that there’s always a designated driver. Whilst it’s all fun and games on the drive there, getting back is where you might struggle to keep yourself, your passengers and your car in top condition. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with our top tips!

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Before you set off

We’d recommend checking your vehicle over before embarking on any long journeys. Make sure that you’ve got enough fuel, oil and water. Check that all of your lights are working before you set-off and make sure that you’ve got sufficient breakdown cover. You’ll also need to ensure that your tyre tread reaches the national minimum and your tyre pressure is where it should be.

Don’t take any chances, as not only can this be dangerous, but it could also lead to you missing your favourite act if you’re delayed.

Once you’ve checked your vehicle over, make sure that you’ve got your route planned. If you’re using a map on your phone, it’s best to download it too in case you pass through an area with no signal and ensure your phone is secured safely in a phone holder whilst not distracting you or obstructing your view.


It’s essential that you have everything that you need to keep the journey there and back as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so make sure you’ve got the following:

Air freshener – You and your friends probably haven’t had much chance to shower for a few days, so you’re going to want to be fully stocked on these. You can buy them at most supermarkets and petrol stations, usually starting at just £1.

Wet wipes – Highly recommended for wiping off any excess mud before it dries and crumbles off all over your car.

Bin bags – You’ll need lots of these! They’re great for covering your seats to protect them from the mud and dirt that you’re all inevitably going to bring into your car. We’d recommend putting them on your mats too as a great barrier between muddy welly boots and your nice clean car mats.

Water – Hydration is key and it’s possible that you’re all going to be in need of lots of water on the way back.

Snacks – This should certainly keep your friends quiet and allow you to concentrate on the road.

Sunglasses – Shades aren’t just on our list so that you can look cool. They’re actually required when driving in bright sunshine. You could be pulled over if it’s thought that you’re taking your eyes off the road due to the sun.

Phone charger – If you’re relying on a map on your phone to get you all home, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got sufficient battery life and a charger that’s compatible with your car as a back-up. It’ll probably be in high demand too if your friends’ phones are in need of a charge.

CD/ playlist – Make sure you’ve got your favourite playlist downloaded and ready to go. If you’re old school, a good CD collection will be needed for the passenger/DJ to alternate between.


Have you got any recommendations for festival goers to keep their cars nice and clean? Let us know!

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