Executive Extras: The Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur Full Dash

There’s no doubt that Bentley have cemented themselves as a leading brand in luxurious executive cars. From the car’s engines to their interiors, Bentley designers and manufacturers spare no expense when it comes to creating some of the most stylish and luxurious executive vehicles available today.

In the company’s latest press release they revealed some devilishly smart customisable features available for the Bentley Flying Spur. So smart we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to upgrade your car asap!

Refrigerated Cooler

David Redman Champagne Flute - Lay Down

What is any executive vehicle without its own bottle cooler? For the first time passengers in a Flying Spur will be able to keep their refreshments at a perfect temperature. Passengers in the car’s rear seats will have access to storage for a champagne bottle, a bottle stopper and two custom champagne flutes, each of which is hidden behind frosted glass with chrome detailing.

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The Flying Spur’s doors have had a redesign to feature hallmarked silver atomisers, used to spray a mist of water or perfume to the vehicle, adding a refreshing fragrance to the car’s rear interior.

Painted Veneers

GQ Korea Without Cushions

Another first for the Flying Spur; Bentley are bringing colour from their exterior paint range to the car’s interior with a hand-sanded, lacquered, painted veneer finish for good measure. This creates a strikingly stylish and contemporary look that is sure to blow any lucky passenger away.

Hide Trimmed Stowage Boxes

GQ Korea Watch Stowage


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The Flying Spur’s centre console can now be modified with a hand-crafted rear stowage compartment, combining both luxury and convenience.  This can act as a super-sleek place to store your watch, with a built-in watch holder as well as a section for storing small delicate items such as cufflinks.

Bentley’s latest offerings are a prime example of the luxury and comfort drivers and passengers can expect from the new Flying Spur. But then, would you expect anything less?




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