Will you be a better driver this New Year?

Will you be a better driver this New Year?

The festive period is well and truly over and we’ve stepped into the New Year, which means one thing. Resolutions!

You know the ones; the diet starts now, this is the year to stop smoking, 2019 is the time for a trip of a lifetime. How about a resolution that’s easy to keep this year? What about changing your driving habits?

Here are 5 things that can get you much closer to being a model motorist:


Stop speeding

We know we shouldn’t, but occasionally we all see the speedometer go a little bit higher than it should do. But speed limits are there for a reason, you’re putting yourself and others at risk by not following them. This year, make a change to be a safer driver. Plus, it’ll save you money on fuel too!


Cut out road rage

Cars who get in the wrong lane, cars that cut in at the last second… yes, there are some idiots on the road. Don’t be one of them! It’s frustrating, but don’t stoop down to their level. Just keep calm and carry on with your journey, is it really worth getting stressed about?


Use indicators

It’s really not that difficult, is it? One little hand movement and they’re on. Not only is it lazy, but don’t use them, and other road users have no idea which way you’re going. Just indicate, it’ll make your life and every other road user’s life much easier.


Be frugal

Step into the New Year and it’s all about saving money. When it comes to your car, make sure you shop around for the best deals. There are many comparison websites out there to help you get those insurance premiums down and why not download an app to help you find the best prices at the pumps?


New Year, new car

If you’ve been meaning to get a new set of wheels, then a new car could be the perfect way to kick start your New Year. But what about your old one? We can help with that! All you need to do is enter your reg at webuyanycar.com and you could sell your car in under an hour.





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