5 Ways To Be A Better Driver in 2017

5 Ways To Be A Better Driver in 2017

The New Year is upon us and that means one thing – promises that you just won’t keep!

Every year people say they’ll lose weight, stop smoking or tick something off their bucket list, only to give up after a few weeks. But what about changing your driving habits? Just a few small changes can make a big difference.

Here are 5 things to help you work towards being a model motorist:


Admit it, we all do it occasionally. We know we shouldn’t. So quit it! Whether it’s bombing down the motorway at 80mph or whipping around streets at 40mph, you’re putting both yourselves and others in danger. Speed limits are there for a reason. So this year, make a change to be a safer driver. It’ll also save you money in fuel!


Yes, there are some idiots on the road, but don’t be one of them! Someone cuts you up, so what? Don’t stoop down to their level, just keep a calm head and carry on your way. Is it really worth getting stressed about? Just relax, there’s no need to get so heated up.


It’s just one little hand movement, is it really that hard to indicate? It’s just being lazy. But it can also be extremely dangerous, as other road users have no idea when or where you’re turning. It’ll make your life and every other road user’s life much easier if you just indicated.


Lots of people want to save money as they move into the New Year but forget about their car. Make sure you shop around for the best deals when it comes to car insurance using comparisons website like Confused.com and  You can also get mobile apps which show you the cheapest petrol stations. Want some more tips on money saving when it comes to driving? Check out our Frugal Driving Guide.


Instead of a new you, how about a new car? If you’ve been meaning to downsize or upgrade for a while but not got round to it, then this is the perfect kick start you need to get that sorted. Oh and make selling your old one easy by entering your reg at www.webuyanycar.com and sell your car quickly.




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