A Smooth Cruising Playlist For Driving Home This Christmas

A Smooth Cruising Playlist For Driving Home This Christmas

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Are you hanging up your stockings on the wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? If so, you’ll be well into the festive swing of things and probably have been since the last of the Bonfire Night rockets were set off.

Not everyone can slip into the festive groove quite as easily though, so if you know someone who needs a seasonal shot in the arm then pass on this festive playlist to get them in the mood.

Do they know it’s Christmas? They soon will do…

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you

Mariah doesn’t want presents this Christmas – she’s not hung her stocking, in fact, she’s not even sent a list – no, all she wants is you, yes you! So get your Santa hat on, get in the car and get yourself back sharpish!


Chris Rea – Driving Home for Christmas
There aren’t many singers who sound more curmudgeonly than Chris Rea, but even he’s got festive fever here. ‘Top-to-toe in tailbacks’? Not a problem, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and not even a traffic jam is going to dampen the mood. Read between the lines though and he could just be getting slightly delirious (as we all do) when it’s taking twice as long as it should do to get back home.


Mud – Lonely this Christmas
At least Chris Rea has got someone to go home to – spare a thought for Les Grey, lead singer of Mud, who still can’t get over being jilted the previous Christmas. ‘Try to imagine a house that’s not a home’ – go on try it, it’s rubbish, and you’ll be thankful you’ve got a houseful on Christmas Day, even when they’ve eaten the last of the Twiglets and drank all the sherry.

Wham – Last Christmas

Another tale of love lost over the festive period and you get the feeling this happened just before the big day and was nothing more than a ploy to get out of spending half that month’s wages on presents. No doubt they were back a week later when they realised they had no one to go out with on New Year’s Eve.

Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas
If the King of Rock n’ Roll can get dumped in December then no one is safe – worst of all he thinks his lost love will be doing alright with her ‘Christmas of white’. By the sound of his screaming female fans though, Elvis will be doing a lot more than alright this Christmas.


Dean Martin – Let it Snow

Enough of the seasonal sadness, let’s pick things up again and listen to Dean Martin who is having such a good night he wants to get snowed in so he doesn’t have to leave. Maybe Chris Rea called and told him how bad the traffic was…


Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmastime

You know when you go to a dead good party, and all your mates talk about it for ages? This is basically that in song form, with a kids’ choir for full-on festive effect.

Elton John – Step Into Christmas
If you’ve still not found your festive groove then step into Christmas with Elton John – he’s not even going to charge you for it – just don’t literally hop aboard the turntable, he’s just being metaphorical, and you don’t want to ruin the party for everyone else.

Queen – Thank God it’s Christmas
Well, that is what’s it’s all about after all…

The Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick
Driving along with The Beach Boys blasting out is one of life’s simplest pleasures and usually, one that’s strictly reserved for hot summer days. So if all else fails and you’re still not quite in the mood for Christmas, a quick blast of this should see you hauling through the snow at a frightening speed all the way to Boxing Day.

That’s our top 10 – now we want to know what Christmas hits get you in the mood? Let us know in the comments below. Drive safely and have a rockin’ good Christmas!




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