Decline in Diesel Car Sales

Decline in Diesel Car Sales

There has been a severe drop in the sale of diesel engines throughout 2017, falling more than 30% year-on-year during the month of November after a rapid growth over recent years. Diesel was once a popular choice, often defined as being the more ‘eco-friendly’ option, so what’s changed? Why are motorists shying away from what was once a dominant fuel option?

Why have diesel sales dropped?

There a number of reasons why people are moving away from new diesel cars, but whether these decisions are based on facts or the confusion over the benefits of diesel is unclear. We have taken a look at what has caused the sudden change in opinion over diesel cars.

A decline in diesel car sales can be due to an increase in the sales for electric and hybrid cars

Increase in hybrid and electric cars

Those who originally bought a diesel car with the intention of reducing their carbon emissions are now choosing to buy a hybrid or electric car instead. The sale of hybrid and electric cars rose by 33.4% last year, proving they are becoming more and more popular, which isn’t surprising considering they are a revolution in the motoring world.

Fear of future diesel ban

Some motorists have moved away from diesel due to the future ban of this type of fuel. Oxford city centre is due to ban all fuelled cars, including diesel, from selected streets by 2020. Their aim is to become the first ever zero-emission zone.

Even further into the future, the government plan to ban all new petrol and diesel vehicles from being manufactured by 2040, creating a lot of uncertainty amongst motorists.

There is a lot of confusion over diesel cars due to government plans to ban the fuel and increase road tax

Confusion over diesel cars

The plans to ban diesel cars contradicts the message that diesel is supposed to be a fuel-efficient vehicle option. The negative connotations that are now being pinned to diesel have caused a lot of confusion about the fuel. This is heightened by the increase in road tax; new diesel cars could be charged up to £500 from April making them an unattractive option for potential buyers and making drivers question whether it really is an eco-friendly fuel.

The truth about diesel

The demonisation of diesel has angered many in the car industry. The truth is, despite the confusing messages from the government and the future plans that offer an anti-diesel message, diesel is still a more eco-friendly fuel option than petrol. It emits 20% less CO2 than petrol. However, if you want to reduce your carbon emissions even more, then an electric car, or even a hybrid, will produce even less harmful chemicals.

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