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Car broken down in the snow

Staying Off the Hard Shoulder

“Christmas time is here, by golly, disapproval would be folly,” as the American satirist and songwriter Tom Lehrer tells us. It is as well to remember that when the going gets tough in the driving seat over the festive season. As we’re all only too well aware, this time...

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Dashboard lights

Dashboard Danger! Is your Car at Risk?

Once you’ve got used to your car’s little intricacies it’s easy to ignore them, a recent study revealed the average motorist will wait 3 months until getting a problem checked out by their garage. This is obviously not a very good idea and can cause even more long-lasting problems...

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Driving in Snow

4×4 or Winter Tyres?

Winter is set to bare its fangs over much of the UK, likely causing difficulty on the roads should temperatures drop further as predicted. Snow, ice and slippery conditions can be torture for drivers. Slithery road surfaces are tricky enough when there’s not much traffic about, but all the more nerve-wracking...

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