Let’s Get Baking – Yummy Car Themed Creations

Let's Get Baking - Yummy Car Themed Creations

We’ve searched the internet high and wide for some of the best car-themed cakes, biscuits and everything else yummy looking. From straightforward, no cooking ideas to those that will test even the best of bakers. Get your chef’s hat on and be inspired by these cool creations.

1. Cute car sticks. Let’s start off simple. These car food snacks from “Hello, Wonderful” look fantastic and are great little bites. They’re made from things you’ll probably have around the house and don’t need any baking either.  Find out how to make these now.

Fruit Cars for Kids

2. Vege train. Another no-bake creation, these cool vegetable trains from “Mommy Moment” make great starters and nibble platters at parties. It also makes vegetables fun – great for kids! Find out how to make these now.

Vegetable Cars for Kids

3. Teddy bear race cars. A little bit more effort required here…but not too much! These little guys are easy to make and the kids can get involved too. Find out how to make these now.

Chocolate and Candy Cars for Kids

Value my car

3. Iced Beetle cookies. Ok, onto some baking now. These cute Beetle cookies from “Just Iced Cookies” have a simple recipe but it’s the icing that really makes them stand out. Find out how to make these now.

Cookie Cars for Kids

4. Racetrack cake. How cool is this cake?! Good old “Betty Crocker” gives you the full recipe on how to make this masterpiece. Find out how to make this now.

Race Car Cake for Kids

5. Train cake. Ok so it might not be cars, but we love this cute train cake from “I Love Cooking”. Find out how to make this now.

Train Cake for Cakes

6. Race car topper. We’re getting more complicated now. This cool little car is a cake topper and you’ll need steady hands for it. Find out how to make these now.

Formula 1 Cake for Kids

7. Cake car. Only for the pros! You’ll need to be a master icer for this one. Although if you follow the step by step recipe from “Veena Azmanov” it doesn’t look as complicated as it looks. Find out how to make this now.

Volkswagen Beetle Cake - Car birthday cake

Value my car




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