The Car you Never Knew you Wanted – Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S
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What’s your dream car? A Bugatti Veyron? A Ferrari 250 GTO? An Aston Martin One-77? A Rolls Royce Phantom? Once you’ve read all about the Tesla Model S, you might just have a re-think…

What’s a Tesla anyway?

Tesla Motors is an American designer and manufacturer of electric cars – but not just any old electric cars. We’re not talking something eminently sensible like a Nissan Leaf, we’re talking full-on eco-friendly supercars.

The company first started to grab people’s attention following the production of the world’s first fully electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster, but it’s the company’s second offering, the Model S that has really made everyone stand up and take note, and here’s why…

0-60 in…what?!

This car is quite simply sensational – it’s like taking all the best bits of an eco and wallet-friendly electric car and squashing it all into the body of Maserati GranTurismo. Oh, and then giving it the speed and handling of a McLaren F1 – THAT’s how sensational this car is.

It’s has an automatic transmission with three drive modes; normal, sport and insane – yes, ‘insane’ –

Hit the ‘insane’ mode button and this eco-friendly piece of engineering returns 687-lb-ft of torque, a force of about 1.2Gs, and can do 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds. THREE-POINT-TWO-SECONDS!

Tesla insane mode reactions

At the risk of coming across all Jeremy Clarkson, if I was the megalomaniac CEO of a petrochemical company, this is the car drive around in while heckling all the eco-warrior crusties picketing my plants – it’d floor the lot of them.

What else is really cool about this car?

  1. Part-time handles

One of the arguably most incidental, yet undoubtedly cool things about the Model S is that it has part-time door handles that only pop out when you need them – if the car is moving or parked up, they retract so they’re flush with the body!

  1. It starts on its own

Another thing is the car starts on its own – no key to turn, no ignition button to push, just sit down and the car recognises both you and the starter key are there and purrs into life – this cat doesn’t roar, it’s fully electric and so is completely noiseless, something else that adds to its other-worldliness

  1. No bonnet, only a frunk

So what does it look like under the bonnet? Well, not much at all really, there is a big open space (known as the ‘frunk’) where you’d expect the engine to be. Why? Because the motor that powers this thing is about the size of a watermelon and sits between the two rear wheels.

  1. And it has touchscreen control

And if you’re still not convinced the Model S is not only your new dream car but has actually been built by super-smart aliens from the future, it has almost no knobs or buttons and instead has a giant touchscreen on the dash that controls everything in the car.

So when those lottery number finally come up, forget the rest, the Tesla Model S is simply the best!


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