Blooming Marvelous! Cars That Share Names with Flowers

Blooming Marvelous! Cars That Share Names with Flowers

It’s National Gardening Week, but what’s that got to do with cars, I hear you ask?! Well, there are quite a few cars that share their names with various flowers and plants. Whether they were purposely named after flowers or have other origins, here are some of those cars with blooming marvellous names.


Of course, we had to start with the most obvious. And it’s not just one car either, it’s a whole manufacturer – Lotus. There are many theories on the origin of the name, although no one actually knows where the name Lotus came from and it’s believed founder Colin Chapman never told anyone.

Nissan Leaf

Ok, so not technically a flower, but flowers have leaves! The name Leaf is actually a backronym for “leading environmentally-friendly affordable family car” and lends itself nicely to its environmental credentials.

Daf Daffodil

A small family car manufactured in The Netherlands between 1961 and 1967, the Daf Daffodil was eventually taken off the market when Daf was bought by Volvo. You may assume the name was inspired by “flower power” of the 1960’s, however, that’s not the case. The Daf Daffodil was a combination of the words Daf and Krokodil, Dutch for crocodile inspired by the look of the front of the car which reflected the face of a crocodile.

Triumph Mayflower

Announced at the British International Motor Show in 1949 and delivered the following year, it was a British small luxury car built by the Standard Motor Company between 1949 and 1953. It’s believed that chairman Sir John Paul Black chose the Mayflower name in an attempt to appeal to Americans who were descendants of the Pilgrim Fathers who had landed in Massachusetts in 1620 – the Mayflower being the ship they sailed on.

Clan Clover

As rare as its four-leafed friend, the Clan Clover was developed in 1985 with only 26 made (20 road cars and six racing versions.) There’s not much to be found about this rare car online, so we’ll happily start our own theory that its name derives from the fact it’s as rare as a four-leafed clover!

Nissan Laurel

Produced between 1969 and 2002, the Nissan Laurel had a total of eight generations. It’s another car that doesn’t offer much explanation – can you enlighten us? Comment below!

Can you think of any more cars that share their names with flowers? Comment below!




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