Easy Handmade Car Christmas Tree Decorations

Easy Handmade Car Christmas Tree Decorations

Is your Christmas tree up yet? Well if you’re feeling crafty and fancy adding a personal touch to your tree this year then why not try making one of these car Christmas tree decorations? They’re fun and pretty straightforward to make and will be a really nice addition to your Christmas tree.

1. Toy Car and Tree – These fab ornaments are not only really cute, but they’re also fun and easy to make, which means little ones can get involved with making them too! All you need is a vintage toy car (or any style you like), fake mini trees and some string. Tie the tree to the car and…VOILA! See a step-by-step guide on how to make them here.


2. Car in a Snow Globe – These unusual baubles are so stylish. Again, they’re pretty straightforward to put together and need minimal crafting. All you need is your chosen toy car, a vintage one looks the best, a fake mini tree, string and a see-through bauble. It’s the same as above, but you pop it into the bauble at the end. See a step-by-step guide on how to make them here.


3. Lego Car – This is one for the kids. Or big kids! Get the little ones involved by having them make lego cars. All you need to do is attach a thin piece of string under one of the lego pieces.


4. Felt Car – Now these ones are little more fiddly than the others and you’ll need some patience! We haven’t got a link to make these actual ones, but the process is the same whatever design you go for, and you can see how to make felt Christmas tree decorations here.





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