But First, Let Me Take a Selfie!

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie!

All those selfies you take before a night out could soon be worth their while…don’t fool us, we all do it!

That’s because drivers could soon be able to unlock the doors of their cars with a selfie.

Jaguar Land Rover has developed a technology that uses facial recognition to identify drivers. Cameras mounted under the windows would capture videos and photos of people as they approach and stand by the car, these would then be compared with images stored on its computer. If they match, the car will unlock and the doors will open!

It’s likely that the cars will come WITHOUT door handles and that doors with automatically open by themselves when the owner approaches. Drivers will be able to use a gesture, such as a hand wave or salute, to tell the car which door to open on their approach.

The technology would save drivers to hassle of to carry and find their keys, making it especially useful when you’re laden with bags of shopping!


But what if someone else needed to use the car? Fear not! The technology would allow several people to register their selfie with the same car so that friends and family could unlock and drive it when necessary.

Car thieves? Not a problem. Using video footage along with images ensure thieves cannot fool the system by holding up a selfie of the owner.

What if it’s sold? Stored images can easily be removed and new authorised selfies uploaded instead.

Jaguar Land Rover believes the new system will make cars more secure and more convenient should motorists lose their keys.

In the patent, they state: ‘It is an ongoing challenge of the automotive industry to improve vehicle functionality and design and to further enhance the sophisticated feel of vehicles without additional cost.

“In particular, vehicle personalisation, where vehicle functions and features can be aligned with specific user requirements is an increasingly common aim. 

As far as door entry is concerned, such systems must also be robust against misuse, for example, theft or loss of a key-fob so that vehicle security is maintained.’

So, get ready to sell your car and update it to this high-tech innovation!




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