10 Bumper Stickers which Tell you More About the Driver than the Car

10 Bumper Stickers which Tell you More About the Driver than the Car

The British are known as a nation of eccentrics, and it’s a badge we wear with pride – it fits in nicely with our sense of self-deprecation and allows us to push the boundaries a little, whether in our work, home or social life.

And most of us have our little eccentricities that we show in different ways – the more reserved might do something like wear odd socks, the more flamboyant might wear a strange hat, and  those who really want to make a bold statement might ride around on a unicycle or drive to work in a bubble car.

Then there are those who miss the mark completely and try to show the world their more quirky and humorous side by wearing amusing slogans on their t-shirts or wacky ties.

And then there are those who put bumper stickers on their cars…

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The rise and fall of the bumper sticker

The 1980s was boom time for bumper stickers – as if mullets, acid wash denim and luminous socks weren’t enough, some felt the need to express themselves via the medium of the bumper sticker.

And so we had ‘classics’ such as the faux-aspirational “My other car is a Porsche” sticker slapped on to clapped-out bangers, wannabe surf dudes with “Fat Willy’s Surf Shack” stickers tacked on to the family car, and who can forget the timeless classic “Honk if you bonk!”.

It seems bumper stickers are on the decline these days, replaced with things Jesus for those who are religious, Darwin fish for those who aren’t, “Powered by fairy dust” window hangers for wannabe Barbies and “Baby on board” ones for those who honked if they bonked.

So for everyone who misses the humble bumper sticker, and even those who don’t, here are some of the best, worst and just plain odd, from around the world…














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