Biggest Fear on the Road? Other Drivers on Mobiles

Biggest Fear on the Road? Other Drivers on Mobiles

Research has found that other drivers using mobile phones at the wheel are motorists’ biggest fears when it comes to driving.

Carried out by charity Brake, the study asked 1,000 drivers what they considered the biggest danger on the road. It is part of their Road Safety Week campaign, which looks at victims whose lives have been changed by crashes caused by distracted drivers, asking drivers to change their dangerous behaviour.

Those drivers not concentrating on the road were considered even more dangerous than speeding and drink-driving, with almost half (41%) saying distracted drivers were their biggest fear on the roads. It was followed by 35% who said speeding and 18% who said drink drivers or drug drivers were a danger.

Vehicle emissions, drivers with poor eyesight and not wearing seat belts also emerged as concerns.

Previous research by the RAC Motoring Group also found that half the drivers they surveyed confessed to using a mobile phone in stationary traffic and a third said they had done so while on the move.

Research also shows using a mobile slows drivers’ reactions by up to 50% and those who use mobile phones are four times more likely to crash.

We asked our Twitter followers what their biggest fear on the roads was.

Put down your phone. That text can wait. Stay safe on the roads.




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