Best Volkswagen Beetle Film Moments

Best Volkswagen Beetle Film Moments

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle has been around for a long time, since 1938 to be exact. Its quirky style is instantly recognisable and has become a popular car choice not just on the roads, but also to star in films and TV shows. For its 80th anniversary on 15th May 2018, we have looked at the biggest on-screen moments that celebrate the popular Beetle.


The most famous Beetle has to be Herbie! A character that was first portrayed in 1963 in ‘Herbie The Love Bug’, this iconic Volkswagen has been recreated in several feature films since, with the latest version in 2005. Herbie is a racing car with a mind of its own and its cheeky personality has won over the hearts of its viewers making it an iconic character. Even if you haven’t seen Herbie, you’re certain to have heard of it!

Happy Gilmore

A 1976 Super Beetle only makes a minor appearance in the 1996 film but it has a detrimental impact on the rest of the film. The main character, played by Adam Sandler, is run down by a crazed fan in the Volkswagen who then steers into a TV tower.

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The leading character in Footloose, Ren, is the proud owner of a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. From the opening scenes, the car plays a pivotal role in the film. It stars in the first scene introducing Ren as he drives to his new home, is included in dance scenes and in this endearing clip when Ren picks up Ariel for the school dance.

Double Trouble

Rock ‘n’ Roll King, Elvis Presley, stars in the 1967 film ‘Double Trouble’ in which the popular Beetle also stars. It was the first film where two Beetles are involved in a car chase, one dashing after the other with Mr Presley at the front in a stolen police car, riding in style, with the police Volkswagen following in pursuit.


No, not the 2007 adaptation, but the original animated Transformers from 1984. Before Bumblebee was a Chevrolet Camero he was, in fact, a Volkswagen Beetle. The more recent Michael Bay films even show reference to this by including the model in a scene when Sam first picks out his car. The Camero door slams into the Beetle ready to make room for a new generation.

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