Don’t mention the war! Basil Fawlty’s reactions to modern life


On September 19th, it’ll be 40 whole years since the first episode of Fawlty Towers presented us with a ‘televisual feast’ (a phrase donned by Basil). Two series’ worth of Britain’s finest comedy that made us shake with laughter – we’ve decided to celebrate this historic occasion by rounding-up some classic Basil Fawlty moments and adapting them to fit everyday situations, for your viewing pleasure. We do hope you’ll enjoy, and if you remember any great Basil quotes or have a favourite Fawlty scene, then make sure you leave all your comments at the bottom of this post! Splendid.

When you wake up and you think you have to go to work but then you realise it’s SATURDAY!!

1  When you’re the first one to turn up to a party and you don’t know anyone there.

2When you turn up to a first date and see the person’s a lot taller than they looked on Tinder.


When Mary Berry tells you the secret recipe for her Lemon Meringue Pie.


When your drinking-buddy come partner-in-crime tells you they’re doing Dry January.

5When you know you should have gone to sleep an hour ago but you’ve conducted a mega-stalk and ended up on your ex’s-cousins-sons-girlfriend’s Instagram.

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When your Mum insists that ‘LOL’ means ‘lots of love’ even though you’ve put her right 206 times.


When one of your friends is a vegan and continues to mess up dinner plans.


When you see someone walking towards the toilet you just blocked.


When you have no idea what you’re doing at your new yoga class.


When your childhood friend tells your new, much cooler friends about what you were like in school.


Cheers, Basil. You are one of a kind. We hope you enjoyed our ode to the best Basilisms! Remember to share your favourite quotes and scenes to celebrate #40YearsofFawlty with us in a comment below!

Over to you next – in just 12 episodes, Fawlty Towers made a huge splash on British TV and around the world. Everyone has their favourite episode though, and we want to find out what the nation’s is! Vote on yours below to join in on the fun.  You’ll see the results on the next page.




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