Motorists aren't the most tolerant of people at the best of times, and there are few things that get a driver's dander up like a bit of bad parking. Take a look on social media and you'll see countless pictures of bad parking and even accounts dedicated to outing the worst offenders.

And while we often see those inconsiderate idiots who straddle a couple of car parking bays, or the thoughtless morons who park on zigzags outside schools – really, the school run doesn't have to be such a hassle – there are some examples of bad parking that just beggar belief…

Grandad Theft Auto

You could be forgiven for thinking this is in-game footage from one of the Grand Theft Auto games – in fact, it's genuine CCTV footage of a 92-year-old man trying to negotiate his way out of the car park of the Piggly-Wiggly Shopping Centre (no, really) in Wisconsin… (1)

Like a glove

Remember the Ace Ventura movies? Remember when he used to improbably flip his car perfectly into a parking space and shout “eeee-like a glove!”? Yeah, that…


Nothing's gonna stop us now

This driver seems to change their mind about parking – maybe they just remembered they'd left the stove on at home – and decides instead to get out of there as quickly as possible,  determined that nothing will stop them.
Apart from that last parked car they tried to get past…


Pick a space, any space

You know that feeling when you get caught in two minds and become completely incapable of making a decision? That can be the only explanation for this piece of appalling parking…



On the face of things, this looks like a piece of appalling parking from the Peugeot driver, but it might in fact just be the best bit of revenge parking ever seen.

After the Suzuki driver stole the parking spot by nipping in nose-first, the Peugeot driver took revenge by doubling-up in the space, making sure her nemesis wouldn't be able to get back in their car anytime soon.


Driven up the wall

Absolutely no idea what is going on in this driver's head…


Multi-storey car park

“No, let's drive up and see what's on level two. Oh, there is no level two. This'll do then!”

Does anyone think they left a note on the windscreens of the two cars they totalled with this mental manoeuvre?


The Great British Park off

Do you ever just look at some drivers and wonder how in the world they ever passed their test? Drivers like this one?!


Who here thinks these drivers should just give up and sell their car