Bad at Driving? Blame your Parents!

Bad at Driving? Blame your Parents!

If you’re a bad driver then you may want to blame your parents, as 65% of younger drivers say they are influenced by the parent’s habits behind the wheel.

A new study carried out by Vinci Autoroute Group, which runs French motorways, looked at nearly 1,00 motorists aged between 18 and 25. The results suggest that driving habits run in the family, both good and bad.

The findings suggest that parental influence has a far heavier impact than the influence of a driving instructor.

Everything from road rage and drink-driving is mirrored – 75% of those who admitted to road rage also said their parents got angry behind the wheel too, compared to the 36% whose parents did not.

Worryingly, the study found that 37% of the young drivers who have seen their parents drive drunk, confessed that they also have driven having consumed alcohol. This is three times to likelihood of those whose parents do not drive under the influence.

However, not all bad habits are passed on, as the use of phones and excessive speeding did not stem from parents’ driving behaviour. In both cases, the study found that young people widely adopt these risky behaviours, with 42% of participants admitting they use their phone while driving and 45% exceeding the speed limit, even if their parents did not.

The researchers hope that their findings will increase the responsibility of parents to make sure they drive safely.

We asked our Twitter followers if they felt they were influenced by their parents driving – the majority said no!




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