Autumn Driving Tips

Autumn Driving Tips

As summer leaves turn beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow, autumn is upon us. What with the dark mornings and nights, wind, rain and fallen leaves, autumn can be a difficult time of year when it comes to driving from dazzling sunlight to the first icy windscreens.

But before you hit the road this autumn, here are some handy tips.

  1. Watch out for leaves – they might look pretty but freshly fallen leaves can cause all sorts of road hazards, especially wet leaves which can cause your car to skid.
  2. Check your wiper blades are in good condition; they should be replaced once a year and will clear your windscreen and prevent sunlight dazzle.
  3. Make sure your washer fluid is topped up to prevent a smeared windscreen, especially if gritters have been out.
  4. As autumn is often the wettest season of the year in terms of flooding, be aware of standing water and heavy downpours.
  5. Check your tyres for tread depth, condition and pressure, although roads maybe not be icy yet, they are slippery and wet during autumn.
  6. Keep a pair of sunglasses handy to help with glare from sunlight on roads.
  7. Check all your bulbs are in working order, you’ll need them with the dark days coming in.
  8. Allow time in the morning for your car to warm up to get rid of condensation before driving.
  9. And lastly, keep an autumn emergency kit in your car in case of breakdowns.

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