Are Car Free Days Here to Stay?

Are Car Free Days Here to Stay?

Last week I wrote about a driverless car city in Michigan, but another alien concept we could see in the not too distant future is the totally car free city.

September 22nd was World Car Free day, a celebration that aims to promote people getting out of their cars and using public transport, hopping on their bike or maybe just walking. There are obvious benefits for the environment, but it also gives people the chance to get a bit of exercise, and maybe see their city from a different perspective.

The emissions scandal at Volkswagen has brought the environmental impact of diesel vehicles in particular to the forefront of people’s minds once again and will no doubt be a hot topic of discussion at the UN Climate Change Conference, to be held in Paris in November. In advance of the meetup, the French capital took the opportunity to hold their very first car free day, with the whole city centre, including the iconic Champs-Elysees, becoming pedestrianised on a sunny Sunday afternoon. In addition to this the mayor of Paris, Anna Hidalgo, has committed to a ban on all diesel vehicles by 2020, as well as more car-free zones around the beautiful river Seine.

It may be a little easier to imagine your average Parisian ditching their car for a bike than the habitants of some other cities, but even London has seen a 30% reduction in city centre traffic over the last 10 years and now only 15% of commuters use a car. Many We Buy Any Car customers sell their car to us because they no longer need one, in fact in a survey earlier this year nearly half of respondents who sold us a vehicle were not planning on replacing it.

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So apart from saving the planet what are the best reasons for going green and culling your car?

Get some exercise

Top of the list of benefits has to be getting out of your car and getting healthy by running, walking or cycling. And if that isn’t enough of a reason how about…

Saving money

Everyone knows cars can be a real drain on finances. Freedom from those insurance and tax payments, not to mention the fuel, wouldn’t be so bad! But if you can’t live without a vehicle what about…

Car sharing clubs

An increasing number of people are selling their cars and sharing one by using companies like to borrow a vehicle just when they need one.

So with all those benefits maybe it’s time to consider getting rid of your car, it might be the best decision you ever make!




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